Student-Athlete Support

We understand that it can be tough for our athletes to balance school work with practice and training schedules, so it is important to make multiple programs and services available to our players.

List of Services

Student Support Network for Varsity Athletes

Student Support Network has existed for many years at the University of Guelph. This year, a sector specialized for Varsity Athletes was created. This program is meant to provide support for varsity athletes who are struggling or just may want to talk. This program is not meant to provide treatment, but rather a place to vent one's feelings to a peer (fellow varsity athlete) who understands. Drop-in sessions are available in room 140 in the W.F. Mitchell Center.



Student Athlete Mentorship (SAM) Program

The SAM Program enhances the academic performance of student-athletes by providing resources and assistance tailored to their unique needs. The program content is delivered by Student Athlete Mentors, who are upper year, academically successful student-athletes trained in learning strategies and referral processes. Study sessions take place in the Library.


The UAIC provides general academic advising information to undergraduate students and resources and professional development opportunities for academic advisors.

Tutoring at guelph

TAG is a centralized online registry created to help connect University of Guelph students seeking academic assistance in specific subject areas with University of Guelph students who wish to tutor.

Student financial services

From personal aid appointments and OSAP queries to Student Awards, Scholarships & Bursaries Queries, Student Financial Services provides answers for students.

counselling services

We offer individual counselling sessions to help support students as they work through the personal challenges that impair their ability to succeed at school and in other areas of their lives.  Please call Ext. 53244 to schedule an appointment with a Therapist/Counsellor or drop by the front desk on the third floor of the University Centre.  We want to help!

Coordinator, Student-Athlete Support Services - Football

As the Coordinator of Student-Athlete Support Services, it is my role to ensure our student-athletes make the best possible academic and personal adjustment to the University of Guelph. The football program is committed to promoting both academic and athletic achievement.

The Coordinator works closely with coaches and student services personnel to help student-athletes better balance the demands of academic responsibilities with participation in athletics. A primary goal is to make student-athletes aware of the various services and resources available to them at the University in order to make the best use of them.

We recognize student-athletes will face different challenges than that of the ordinary University student. The Coordinator works closely with the student--athlete in tackling "off the field" problems.