OUA/CIS Record Holders


gabe Ferraro 2017

Holds the U-Sports (CIS) record for most FGs made in a season with 33


ryan nieuwesteeg 2014

739 punt return yards in a season, 205 yards in one game vs queen's U the same year

Guelph record, 2nd in the OUA


don williams (1981) and Mark Durigon (2010)

Sit 1st and 2nd in the cis record books for interceptions returned for a td

112 and 111 yards, respectively


Nick Fitzgibbon 2006-2010

Holds the Guelph record for most TD's in a career (40)

That's one a game for 5 years!


justin dunk 2005-2009

attempted to pass the ball 1,120 times in his career, completing a record 614 passes. Also holds the record for 63 TDs in his career

3rd all-time in the OUA


trevor small 2002-2006

Intercepted 19 passes

2nd overall in the OUA


Gerrit Stam 1998

Rushed 188 times and hit the record books the next season when he rushed the ball 37 times against toronto

This is the 2nd all-time in OUA rush/season


Nathan Body & Scott Gordon 1997

Set a CIS record when they connected for a 109 yard touchdown against toronto


kevin reid 1994

Caught 4 TD's in one game vs York U

OUA record


peter barbaric 1993

95 yard kick off, kicking from his own 35 through the end zone

OUA record


Chuck sims 1990

Rushed for 331 yards against York U

This record currently sits 4th all time in the OUA


Mike Shoemaker 1988

Completed 68.5% of his passes

3rd overall in the OUA


darryl skuse 1985

had a 94 yard punt

2nd overall in the OUA 


john kelly

130 yard punt return in a playoff game vs wilfrid laurier U

CIS record


heron tait

Most Td's scored on Punt return in a season with 3

Tied for 3rd in the OUA


Guelph holds the cis record and 3 other spots in the oua top 5 for missed fg returned for a td

Jedd Gardner - 129 yards (2010 vs McMaster), 128 yards (2008 vs york u), 125 yards (2008 vs waterloo)

alex charette - 125 yards (2013 vs waterloo)