Friends of Gryphon Football (FOGF)


Friends of Gryphon Football (FOGF) is an organization whose purpose is to provide a vehicle through which football alumni and friends can support and promote the football program at the University of Guelph.

Working in concert with the Department of Athletics and the University of Guelph, we aim to achieve four main objectives:

  • To raise funds to enhance and promote the Gryphon Football program at the University of Guelph

  • To provide information about the Gryphon Football program, and related events, to alumni, parents, and community partners

  • To provide a vehicle for the interchange of ideas and recommendations to continuously improve the elite nature of the Gryphon Football program

  • To facilitate the organization of events that promote participation and interaction among alumni, current players, the community, parents, students and administration, in support of the Gryphon Football program

We would love it if you became a Friends of Gryphon Football member.

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