Parents of Players (POP)

The POP group at the University of Guelph is unlike any other in Canada.

The POP Group represents/stands for "Parents of Players" but is not limited to. Over the years, the POP Group has evolved to include not only parents of players but also families, friends, alumni and community members.

This proud group offers a link to the Gryphon Football Program without interfering in the Gryphon Player's university football experience. 

Through various fun and inclusive events and initiatives, the POP Group welcomes everyone to come together to support and cheer on our Gryphons!

Furthermore, POP Group emails provide interested parents with an insider's view of all that is happening, in and around, our Gryphon football program. If you'd like to stay up to date with the Parents of Players group send your email address to to be added to the POP Group list. ALL are welcome - parents, grandparents, family, friends, alumni and community members!


“POP... It's a group of dedicated, strong moms who love & support the entire team. From organizing tailgate parties to keeping parents involved in all the action. You guys do a terrific job and you are all very appreciated.” - Cara Hooker, Mother of 4th Year Gryphon Jamal Hooker

“When our son Colin Jerome eventually decided to attend the University of Guelph three years ago, we were delighted with his choice as we knew the coaching staff, under Stu Lang’s leadership, would take very good care of him both scholastically and athletically. The word “family” was very much a part of the Gryphon lexicon. Little did we know that we, as parents, were the ones who were going to be the benefactors of this extended family.

We live in Northern Ontario and four hours away from Colin’s new home. As most of you know, teenage boys are not the best communicators the world has to offer. The POP group became our eyes and ears. From the first introduction at the recruit luncheon, to our first road trip to Montreal, the extraordinary men and women of the POP group kept us informed, made us feel welcomed and became a lifeline to all things a Gryphon parent requires.

Suffice it to say that we are the envy of CIS (now USPORTS) varsity parents. We have friends whose children attend other universities and play varsity sports. They cannot believe what the POP group does in terms of the events they coordinate. The execution of the tailgate parties, both home and away are second to none. We have made lifelong friends because of their efforts and cannot thank them enough. GO GRYPHONS!!” - Rob and Jo-Anne Jerome, Parents of 5th Year Gryphon Colin Jerome

“To me, the POP group makes new parents feel welcome and accepted. It provides a fun environment to meet other parents of players. Thank you for everything you do!” - Julie Fraser, Mother of 4th Year Gryphon Aidan Fraser