CFL Combine 

CFL National Combine 

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Combine Results: Andrew Pickett

Position: Offensive-Lineman

Height: 6'3

Weight: 313 lbs. 

Bench: 25 reps 

40: 5.53

Vertical (Inches): 21.5

Broad Jump: 8'2

3-Cone: 8.62

Shuttle: 5.03

“I see myself playing in the next level, hopefully, I’ll have a lengthy career,” Pickett said. “I’m pretty excited wherever I go.” Pickett says he’s a softy off the field: “I’m a big teddy bear, but as soon as you step between those white lines, you have to put on a mean face and go to work. I take all that negative energy, channel it and let it all out.” - Andrew Pickett to the Ottawa Sun

Andrew Pickett ranked 2nd overall for bench press, totalling 25 reps, just behind Dakoda Shepleu of UBC with 28 reps. 

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Combine Results: Royce metchie

Position: Defensive-Back

Height: 5'11.8

Weight: 208 lbs. 

Bench: 11 reps 

40: 4.73

Vertical (Inches): 33.5

Broad Jump: 9'7.25

3-Cone: 7.35

Shuttle: 4.28

“I see myself in the CFL, quite honestly,” Metchie said. “I’ve always visualized myself in the league. My skill set translates well. I’m versatile and I’m physical and I’d say I’m an intelligent player.” - Royce Metchie to The Ottawa Citizen

Royce went back to back with a 4.73 time for the 40-yard sprint and came fifth overall with his shuttle drill time of 4.28.

See Royce get recognized by the CFL for his "textbook" execution here


CFL Regional Combine

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Combine Results: Orion Edwards

Position: Defensive-Back

Height: 5'79

Weight: 181.6 lbs. 

Bench: 13 reps 

40: 4.67

Vertical (Inches): 39

Broad Jump: 10'425

3-Cone: 7.25

Shuttle: 4.56

Orion had an impressive combine, placing himself on the leader board for four of the six elements. Orion places 4th overall for the 40-yard sprint, 2nd overall for the Vertical Jump, 2nd overall for the Broad Jump, and 3rd overall for the 3-Cone. To view the results, please click here

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Combine Results: Gabriel Ferraro

Position: Kicker

Height: 5'9.9

Weight: 178.4 lbs. 

Bench: DNP

40: 4.93

Vertical (Inches): 25.5

Broad Jump: 8'7

3-Cone: 7.61

Shuttle: 4.72

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Combine Results: Luke Korol

Position: Linebacker

Height: 5'10.9

Weight: 203.8 lbs. 

Bench: 15

40: 4.88

Vertical (Inches): 30.5

Broad Jump: 9'3.75

3-Cone: 7.44

Shuttle: 4.56

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Combine Results: Nick Parisotto

Position: Defensive-Back

Height: 5'10.8

Weight: 199 lbs. 

Bench: 13

40: 4.77

Vertical (Inches): 29.5

Broad Jump: 9'4

3-Cone: 7.4

Shuttle: 4.53