Just for Fun


Since moving from Calgary new head coach Ryan Sheahan has spent so much time at the stadium and in the playbook that he hasn't made time to explore the city. So we gave him a list, and left the rest up to him!

Christmas Favourites

Gryphon Dad Jokes: Xmas Edition

gryphon uproar

Hawaiian Luau

In My Feelings Challenge

Coach Retreat 2018

1on1 with Thomas Dimitroff

Law of the Jungle

Hoppy Feet

Gryphon Football Christmas Album

Bounce Back

Homecoming Special Delivery

Saturdays Are For the Gryphons

Keep Rollin'

Wake Up, It's Game Day!

Gryphon Trick Shot Challenge

Musical Chairs

Gryphon Rose Bowl

Gryphon Bell Rock

Feel Good Friday

Mannequin Challenge

Thank You!

She's Home

Harlem Shake

Gryphon Football BBQ & Paintball

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge