2018 Gryphon Football Highlights

Game winning TD vs. Ottawa (Semi-Finals)

Couple of vets connect to keep the dream alive! With 48 seconds left Theo Landers hits Thomas Bresciani on this 59-yard bomb to complete the come back! #RiseAsOne #QuestForTheCup

comeback kings

That moment when you realize you've overcome a 18-0 deficit to come back and punch your ticket to the Yate's Cup! We're back! #RiseAsOne #QuestForTheCup

Theo Landers vs. Waterloo

Uriel Kalenga Sack vs. Waterloo

JP Cimankinda 3 Touchdown’s vs. Waterloo

Rise & Grind

Gabe Ferraro record tying field goal

Strip Sack FTW vs. Waterloo

Juwan Jeffrey TD vs. Laurier

Dotun Aketepe Pick 6 vs. Laurier

Kian Schaffer-Baker One Handed Snag vs. Ottawa

It's Time

Rise As One

Summer Grind

Florida Finale

Camp Grind With Theo Landers

Florida Takeover

2017 Gryphon Football Highlights

Character Development

Chase For The Yates

Gabriel Ferraro Record Breaking Game vs. Carleton

Take No Prisoners


Ryan Isenor 125 Yard Return

Grudge Match

Game Day

Camp Szn '17

Keep Moving Forward

2016 Yearbook

Gryphon Special Forces

Train Like a Gryphon


Defend The Cup

Fight For The Post-Season

Bounce Back vs. Queens

Gryphon Football Training Camp 2016 - Day One

Tackle Camp 2016

2016 Gryphon Football - Post Spring Camp - Interviews

2016 OVFL Prospects Interviews

2016 Red vs. Black Interviews

Pregame Pep Talk From #Gryphon4Life

Guelph - The Future of Football

2015 Yates Cup Champions

Yates Promo Cut

Nieuwesteeg Catch