Kyle Funk


Position: DB

Height: 6-3

Weight: 184

Program: Psychology

Hometown: Markham, ON

Eligibility: 1

Year: 2

The greatest thing about being a Gryphon is: the family atmosphere, which is amazing. Your fellow Gryphons are all great people and make your time at Guelph very easy and enjoyable

One thing I wish more people knew about me is: I’m a huge Jays fan

The most important thing that playing football has taught me is: putting in time to improve and do well at whatever you do in life. Not only football but school, future jobs, and anything else I might encounter

In 5-10 years I hope to be: I’m not exactly sure where I want to be but I know that wherever I am I want to be successful and happy

Favourite Movie: Shooter starring Matt Damon

Favourite Song: Domino by USS

Favourite TV Show: Dexter