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Alumni, Parents and Friends of Gryphon Football unite in membership to support Gryphon Football. Membership has its privileges. Affordable access to all Gryphon Football sponsored events and yearly team issue swag. 

Follow the link below or contact Bill Brown at to become a member. 

Pick your level of membership and see you at the game. 

The STRENGTH of the GRYPHON is the PACK and the STRENGTH of the PACK is the GRYPHON. 

We would like to thank our current members for their continued support...

Ron Aimola

Matthew Blake

George Bortolato

Doug Breen

Mark Brown

Bill Brown

Steve Burns

Adam Carapella

John Casasanta

Brian Cluff

Dan Cornwell

Dan Crabbe

Jeff Crampton

Brent Dallimore

Phil Daly

Chris Decker

Alex Delo

Alex Derma

Dave Derma

Randy Dimitroff

Mark Dragich


Fred Dunbar

Brad Duncan

Wayne England

James Farrell

Jeff Feagan

Domenic Ferraro

Greg Funk

Nick Gallo

David Hutton

Dave Irwin

Rob Kitching

Darryl Korol

Stu Lang

Jane Lewis

Daniel MacDonald

David MacNeil

Bryan Maltby

Brett McCallum

Shawn McFalls

Bob McLay

Ian McQueen

Graham Meagher


Luke Nangle

Thomas Newbigging

Patrick Nield

Dan Noble

John O'Brien

Steve O'Brien

Peter Partridge

Chris Portwood

Dave Puttock

James Savoie

Matthew Sharpe

Bhu Singh

Jim Stewart

Steve Stewart

Ryan Strom

Heron Tait

RJ Torrijos

Steve Viveiros

Cam Walker

Robert Wesseling

Kip Wigmore